I have come across many organizations which are often trapped in this situation, “they want to travel north but have boarded a flight to south”. Are they naïve? I don’t think so; neither have I found them to be. Why this paradox? May be the flight to South was easy to board, economical and guaranteed immediate travel. Even though the foregoing is true, it has taken away the organization much farther from North and now it will be double the effort to reach north.

‘North’ is the Vision of the company and ‘Flight’ is the action that links the current reality to the Vision, making it a successful reality.

Let’s understand this through an example: A, organization which deals in reselling IT products in India wants to have more control on its marketing strategy, territory and earn more profits by becoming a well-recognized brand. It creates a Vision of becoming an OEM in a span of 10 Years.

What should the organization do now? It must start with a proper market research, allocate budget on Research & Development for the products it wants to ‘make in India’, and then it needs to devote on the intellectual capability building programs within. It must be made very clear that these short term actions have to work in tandem with the Vision to convert it into a reality. The journey to realize the Vision cannot begin from the 10th year… the step has to be taken at the time of inception of the Vision itself!

What happens generally is that an organization prioritizes and chooses short term goals over its Vision under the myth that their journey will somehow lead them to the Vision. It starts selling more of its principal’s products to earn incremental margins or partner with a new brand to sell new products to its existing customers. The series of logical, achievable and sequential steps which could have metamorphosed to an exemplary success story continues to remain just a plan.

The dawn of realization, after 10 years, that I remained a Reseller may be of high repute with a bigger market share but not an OEM.

How can this be avoided?

Business owners must clearly understand that “Business cannot run on mere ease and desire” the desire has to be supported by necessary, relevant & timely actions. The Vision or long terms goals are futuristic in definition, but they need to be backed by action in the present i.e. NOW. You can drive short term goals parallelly to your BAU in the current interest of business but not at the cost of ignoring or subtracting the actions associated with the long term goal.


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