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Galileo And What He Taught About Success

Way back in the 15th Century, Galileo postulated that any object falling to earth, fall at the same rate of time. So why do we see a feather falling slower than a cannonball? It’s because of the presence of Air Resistance. If there’s no air resistance, a dropped feather would reach the earth at the […]

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What every organization can learn from the Dahi Handi festival

Today, Janamashtami is being celebrated throughout India and in the Indian communities world-wide. Tourists are thronging to Mumbai for its spectacular¬†treatment of the festival. Maharashtrians celebrate Janamashtami, popularly known as the¬†‘Dahi Handi Festival’, wherein young people form a human pyramid to reach a pot full of curd suspended at a great height. Most of us […]

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