Have you ever thought why only a negligible percentage of SME’s make it large in India? You cant always blame God or Government either.

The reasons are simple; they don’t follow the path of Growth but survival. Yes its true, most of the small businesses are started with a limited investment and the same is often guarded, slowly that becomes the belief system and a deep rooted culture where cost becomes the driving force. The harm it does is when some critical investments are also seen from the same prism of cost.

While I consult I always declare it to my clients that “Growth Comes with a Cost called Investment”

Investment in terms of money or time or both in Self-Development , People-Development , Process-Development and above all Client-Development.

Here are the initial steps that can put any organisation on a growth path:

  • Have a Goal : A realistic and measurable goal with a deadline is the first step and the most critical one. A well intended Goal sets the direction for the enterprise. More than 95% of Small business exist without any goal hence with a high probability to remain a small business forever.
  • Bring Clarity : Some of the business owners may argue that they always had a goal in mind and my answer to them will be simple that the Goal in mind has to be shared with rest of the contributors in the business. There has to be an absolute clarity among every one in the business. They must have an answer to the question on what’s their Goal and how can they contribute to achieve the same.
  • Alignment : Once the Business has a well defined goal with an absolute clarity on the contributions it becomes aligned , has speed, efficiency and better results. This makes business agile and responsive. Ultimately, achieving, increasing business results.



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