Yaar jisko training do, woh kuch dino mein koi badi company join kar leta hai, training se employee ka phayda hota hai magar company ka toh nuksan hojata hai

I often get to hear this when I pitch Training to my potential clients . This is what I call the Catch22 of SMEs.

Yes, some business owners who venture out of their comfort zone to impart training to their selective employees, often find that the same employees have left them and either joined their principals or some big company. This happens because training enhances knowledge , skill and confidence. They clear the interviews they are called for. On the other hand when employees are not trained or up-skilled, they may not leave the company, their capability becomes stagnant , their remuneration continues to grow with their tenure and they become what I call “depreciating assets” ..

Why it happens? Let us introspect a bit – Today the world is so accelerated that it has no time, it needs every thing ready made, even employees who can start preforming the day they join. I am not wrong to say in some cases employees start performing even before they join… I am a living example. I was supposed to join a company on a Monday but I was called 3 Days before to be a part of employee engagement workshop. The rationale given to me then was to ensure that I blend well before I join… Aah how can I forget the best line that each recruitment head drops on each position he shares with the recruitment consultant.. “This position has to be closed as of yesterday”.

So the concept of talent development has been overtaken by talent acquisition, whereby they target employees of the small businesses who have high aspirations, knowledge and skills.

If one sees pragmatically, no one is wrong but we don’t realise that if large companies don’t invest in people development at the grass root level and continue to pick readymade candidates, it will saturate the SME talent pool thus compelling SMEs to get stuck…

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viren rastogi September 11, 2015 Comment

Very true…….
Cost of training is high,
cost of not traing is even higher !

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